Addresses - Carolyne Jonas

Abbreviate Ave., Blvd., Pwy., St., Dr., and Rd. only with numbered addresses.

  • 1 Sand Spring Dr.

Spell out Drive, Street, and Avenue when it is not a numbered address.

  • Main Street.

Directional names should use abbreviations and capitalized as well.

  • N., S., E., W., SW, NE.
  • 125 N. Washington Ave.

Write out directional names when not lead by a number.

  • West Bell Street.

Spell out street names that use numbers First- Ninth.

  • 6 Fifth Avenue.

Lowercase street, avenue, and boulevard and compass directions when after plural numbers.

  • 10th street, 35th southwest broadway.

When using street names in a sentence, the street names should be lower cased and street, drive, and parkway should be spelt out.

  • Stacy lived on stream drive.
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