Most features in the magazine follow:

The use of First/Second/Third person words are dependent upon the choose of the author and/or editor.

  • Standard journalism pieces use formal third person consistently throughout.
    • Examples: Wildlife in Appalachian Mountains, Bill to Help Military Assault Victims, Maintaining Heritage and Identity in Modern Taiwan.   

  • Pieces with personal anecdotes or observation use first and second person at own discretion.
    • Examples: Sustaining A Vegan Diet.

  • Pieces that directly address the reader use second person at discretion.
    • Example: Sustaining Your Pets in College, Sustaining Grades: Quick Tips, Sustaining a Healthy Social Media Presence.

  • The subject matter of the topic or issue will dictate whether the tone of the article is formal third person or informal with first and second person pronouns.


  • Are allowed to be used at the discretion of the author of the article

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