What should be written in italics:

  • Album/CD titles
  • Book titles
  • Documentaries
  • Epic Poems
  • Magazine names
  • Movies
  • Newspaper names
  • Painting
  • Plays
  • Ship names
  • TV Shows
  • Video game titles

What should be written with “quotation marks”:

  • Article titles
  • Episode titles
  • Nicknames
  • Poems
  • Short story titles
  • Song names

School Names:

School names should always be capitalized. When it is first introduced, you should write out the whole name of the school with its initials beside it in parentheses. This is so that when mentioning the school again, you can use the initials instead of writing out the entire school name again.

For example,

  • Allegany Community College (ACC)
  • Frostburg State University (FSU)
  • University of Maryland College Park (UMCP)
  • University of Maryland Easter Shore (UMES)

All important words should be CAPITALIZED

A personal thought used as an example of what people might be talking about should be in italics (e.g. Some people think What's good for the goose is good for the gander)

Offices, People, and Jobs (Kyla W.)

The titles of specific offices or departments should be capitalized. An example would be, The Department of English.

The titles of people or jobs should be capitalized when they directly precede or directly follow a name. Titles of jobs or people can also be capitalized when they do not directly touch a name, if the title is taking the place of a name. Generalized titles should not be capitalized. Examples would be:

  • President Obama was elected in 2008.
  • Elizabeth II, Queen of England, is now the longest-reigning British monarch in history.
  • The Captain was not pleased that her orders had not been followed.
  • Several of the lieutenants wore their red capes to the ball this evening.

Things that should not be in italics: (Amanda Faverty)

  • Names of music festivals
  • Parts of larger work (Chapters in books, songs in a CD, sections of a newspaper, etc.)
  • Religious books
  • Things already underlined
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