Standard Style

Single Author (Erin G.) 

In the reference section, write out last name followed by a comma and the first name of the author. If the author is a company, place the company name here. 
Example: Reid, Louis
Ford Motors 

Multiple Authors (Erin G.)

Write out the first author's last name followed by a comma and first name. Then, if there is a second author, write "and" followed by the author's last name, comma, and first name.
Example: Gump, Forest and Curran, Jenny

Copyright date (Nisha S.)

Place copyright date between a set of parentheses, followed by a period outside the parantheses. For example, "(2012)."

No Date (Nisha S.)

Include the notation "n.d" for no date. 

Example: Cherry, K. (n.d). How to become a psychologist.

Books (Rachel S)

Websites (Rachel S)

-use the name of the website rather than the Web address.

-Abbreviate Website Ttiles

Articles on Websites (Nisha S). 

Include: Title of article, date of publication, and all authors involved. 

Government documents (including examples for types we are likely to cite)

URLs or DOI or both

Database Articles (Rachel S)

-Include a DOI (Digital Object Identifier)

-If no DOI exists, list a URL

Interviews (Cameron S)

If an interview was performed by the author, then it should be mentioned that the person said it in an interview with the magazine. If the quotes are being taken from an interview done by another person, it should be mentioned as such.

i.e. "In an interview with CNN, Beyonce said, 'I'm obsessed with myself.'"

"Once Beyonce had a moment to speak with #Sustain, she said that she recently released an album."

Introduce the fact it was an interview or phone interview in the article itself. "In an interview, the former dictator said...." If you are referencing a recording of an interview found on an electronic source, indicate the title either in text or in a footnote.

Other Personal Communication

When citing an email or text message, state "In an email sent by Dr. Gibralter, he said..." or "In a text message sent by Chris, he said ...

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