Number Style Katie M.

  • Numbers 0-10 should be spelled out.
  • Numbers larger than 10 should be written as numerals up to the thousands.
  • Numbers 1,000-99,000 should be written in numerals.
  • If both numbers under 10 and numbers over 10 occur in the same sentence, follow the rule for the bigger number.
  • Numbers in the millions and above should have the numeral first followed by the written division.
    • ​For example, 20,000,000 becomes 20 million.
  • Do not abbreviate thousand, million, billion, and so on.
  • Do not use slang such as "A grand" or "A 5 spot" or whatever the devil you kids are saying today. 
  • Time will be written using numbers. Hour followed by colon and minutes. Time of day will be AM or PM Example: 4:00 PM. Avoid possible redundancies such as "4:00 p.m. in the afternoon." Noon and Midnight are fine to use instead of 12:00 p.m. or 12:00 a.m.
  • Dates are to be typed as such: September 28, 2014.
  • St, nd, and th should not be added on to dates.
  • When talking about percentages, use the % sign. Example: 99% of humans are awful.
  • Money should be expressed in numbers following the dollar sign. For example: I can not believe a cup of coffee at Starbucks is $5.00.
  • When the money amount is under a dollar, the amount should be expressed the same. For example: Back in the day, a movie cost $0.25.

List Style Tamara H.

Ordered, Tamara H.

Unordered Gabrielle G.

  • For group lists:
    • End each line of the list with a period.
    • Because the order is not significant, put the list in alphabetized order for consistency.
      • Frostburg offers the following sport programs:
        • Baseball.
        • Basketball.
        • Football.
        • Soccer.
        • Softball.
  • For lists with text following the main item:
  • Bold the main point or title for emphasis.
  • Do not end with a period.
    • The following courses are available at Frostburg State University:
Digital Image Processing and Analysis
This course is located in Gunter Hall, Room 212.
Editing and Production
This course is located in Dunkle Hall, Room 124.

Money Gabrielle G.

  • Use numerals.
    • $13.75, $26, $150,000
  • Cents, spell out.
    • 5 cents
  • Dollar amounts of $1 million or more, spell out.
    • $7 billion, $10 trillion

Numbers in Tables Gabrielle G.

  • All numbers in tables should be represented using figures, not text.
  • For numbers less than one, put a zero before the decimal point.
  • If any number in the table uses a decimal point, make each other number match this amount of decimal points.
    • 0.85, 13.10, 12,350.25, 2,450,900.03
  • If the numbers in the table are dollar amounts or percentages, use figures with the corresponding symbol.
    • 25%, $2,768,156
  • Keep all the numbers in the table aligned to the left or right.
  • Follow the formatting examples in the table below:
  • Table

Page Numbers Gabby Waters

  • Should be actual numbers. (1,2,3,4...)
  • Should be at the bottom of the page
  • Does not need to be centered
  • Should be at least .5 inches from the bottom of page
  • Same font as the text that's used in articles
  • Must be a contrasting color from background

For example: If page background is black, page number must be white.

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