Mar 12 Use numbers when giving step-by-step directions:
1. Select your class
2. Checkout
3. Pay your bill

Use bullets for non-consecutive lists:
  The following topics will be covered in this chapter
            Choose a business idea
            Research idea
            Get a license
A list of startup resources to help you start a business

Use lowercase letters for multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank questions
Answer: ....

Oxford Comma or not.  Use it for clarity.
Use a colon after an independent clause before a list.

Mary took with her on her business trip the following magazines: Business Week, Entrepreneur, Inc. and Vogue.

Jim received the following grades: three A's, two B 's and one C.

Use a comma in a series of things
Mary uses Motions shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, and grease.  (Oxford Comma note).

Don't use a comma with two items.
    I want a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
    I want a turkey and cheese sandwich, a glass of milk and potato chips.

Items in the list must be parallel.

Tina has many things to keep her busy, such as taking ballet lessons, cooking Italian food, and watching movies..

Children who start businesses learn marketing, financial management and speech communication.

Catching Metro was be an ordeal today, Cindy was jammed on the train, pushed to the side, and stepped on.

Use a dash which presenting a list.

Inside her suitcase were several dresses - little black dress, a maxi, and a halter.
Tammy spent a year preparing for marriage - graduating from college, getting a new job, apartment, car, cleaning up her credit, and learning how to cook.
After the black and, the boxer got up from his stool, came toward his opponent, hit him in the face - and knocked him out.

Parenthesis, put supplemental material, minor digressions, and afterthought in..
Many business owners neglect claiming many deductions and credits (home office, automobile, food and entertainment) every tax season.

Use parenthesis to enclose letters and numbers labeling lists.
There are three ways to finance your business:  (1) save your money, (2) use your credit card, (3) ask family and friends. Reply, Reply All or Forward | More

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