What should be written in italics: Edit

  • Magazine names
  • Newspaper names
  • Book titles
  • Album/CD titles
  • Movie titles
  • Video game titles
  • TV show titles
  • Documentary titles
  • Epic poem titles
  • Play titles
  • Painting names
  • Ship names

What should not be written in italics:

  • Chapter titles
  • Magazine article titles
  • Newspaper article titles
  • Song titles



“’The Steward and the King’ is my favorite chapter in Return of the King.”

Romeo and Juliet is an incredibly overrated play, but Hamlet is a work of art.”

“Kathryn Janeway, captain of the USS Voyager, loved black coffee.”

"'If I Die Young' is a wonderfully tragic song by The Band Perry."

"I feel that Master of Puppets is a tolerable Metallica CD, but my friend claims that it's the bomb."

~Caitlin T.

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