Titles (Andrew Richardson) Formal titles should be capitalized. For example, Associate Professor of English at Frostburg State University.

Acronyms and Usage (Emily M.):

  • States can be abbreviated with a capital letter, a lowercase letter, and a period.
  • Ex. Johnstown, Pa.
  • Department names can be abbreviated after the full name is mentioned once. No periods needed.
  • Ex. Veterans Affairs = VA
  • Video gaming systems can be abbreviated after the full name is mentioned once. No periods needed.
  • Ex. Nintendo Entertainment System = NES

Company Names (Taylor W.) : - When introducing a company, put the abbreviation in parenthesis following the company name.

Ex. Ford Motor Company (Ford)

School names (Jordan J.): - The first time you mention the school, use the full name (ex. Frostburg State University). For every subsequent reference of the school, abbreviate using the initial (ex. FSU).

- Acronyms DO NOT have periods.

Capitalization (Madie W. edited by Emily M.):

- Capitalize and space titles of companies as proper nouns despite how they're depicted for design purposes.

  • Ex. Facebook instead of facebook

The following must also be capitalized:

Degrees (B.A., B.S., etc.)

  • Nikki Heat, Masters of Fine Arts

Names of Departments

  • History Department

Titles (in reference to those given to people)

  • Jameson Rook, Chair of Visual Arts

Sports teams and organizations

  • Boston Red Sox

Roller Coaster names

  • The Beast

Video Games (also see italics)

  • Assassin's Creed


Police department must not be capitalized unless referring to a specific department

Name of animals unless referring to their scientific names (also see italics for scientific animal names)

Plural Pronoun for Singular Person (Madie) : "He or she" must be used in place for situations where no personal pronouns have been included in reference to someone based on gender.

  • If your child has turned in their permission slip, then he or she may attend the field trip.

"They"/"Their" may be used in reference to an organization.

  • The United Nations has released their decision.
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