by Connor Spaulding

For this publication, we are following the AP style of abbreviations.

Institution NamesEdit

Names of institutions that are made into acronyms should be spelled out in full at least once, followed by the acronym in parenthesis. After the first time, the abbreviation can be used throughout the rest of the article.


Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

Because this is a Frostburg publication, the abbreviation FSU can be used throughout the magazine.

State NamesEdit

For state names, provided the name is standing alone, spell it out fully. Only abbreviate state names when used in datelines, lists, and in short form listings of political party affiliation (ex. R-Fla.) Never abbreviate the following states:









Besides those, state abbreviations are as follows:

Alabama: Ala. (AL)

Arizona: Ariz. (AZ)

Arkansas: Ark. (AR)

California: Calif. (CA)

Colorado: Colo. (CO)

Connecticut: Conn. (CT)

Delaware: Del. (DE)

Florida: Fla. (FL)

Georgia: Ga. (GA)

Illinois: Ill. (IL)

Indiana: Ind. (IN)

Kansas: Kan. (KS)

Kentucky: Ky. (KY)

Louisiana: La. (LA)

Maryland: Md. (MD)

Massachusetts: Mass. (MA)

Michigan: Mich. (MI)

Minnesota: Minn. (MN)

Mississippi: Miss (MS)

Missouri: Mo. (MO)

Montana: Mont. (MT)

Nebraska: Neb. (NE)

Nevada: Nev. (NV)

New Hampshire: N.H. (NH)

New Jersey: N.J. (NJ)

New Mexico: N.M. (NM)

New York: N.Y. (NY)

North Carolina: N.C. (NC)

North Dakota: N.D. (ND)

Oklahoma: Okla. (OK)

Oregon: Ore. (OR)

Pennsylvania: Pa. (PA)

Rhode Island: R.I. (RI)

South Carolina: S.C. (SC)

South Dakota: S.D. (SD)

Tennessee: Tenn. (TN)

Vermont: Vt. (VT)

Virginia: Va. (VA)

Washington: Wash. (WA)

West Virginia: W.Va. (WV)

Wisconsin: Wis. (WI)

Wyoming: Wyo. (WY)

New York City should be abbreviated NYC, New York state should be abbreviated NY.

Washington DC should be abbreviated DC, Washington state should be abbreviated WA.

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